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     I was honored to host author Michael Shoulders all day until 8:30 p.m. I have to say he made my day!  I sat through four presentations for our 423 students and enjoyed every one of them.  I felt like I was working with a friend even though I had only been texting him before his arrival. There were two more presentations that evening for our Literature Night. The principal, staff, teachers, students, and parents all had great things to say about Michael Shoulders.

                                                                                                         Literacy Coach - New York

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January 2020

Here's initial information to get you started.

An author visit to your school can be rewarding and informative for students, teachers, and parents. Meeting a "real-live author" connects students to books in a profound way.

Grades K & 1 Presentations - 45 minutes

Audience size: Usually both grade levels combined, but for larger schools, I can divide this group into two separate presentations.

I discuss the fun of writing and learning. We'll discuss my books and how they are researched.  We'll discuss the importance of writing, the artist's work, and how, finally, the book is made. Just why are most picture books EXACTLY 32 pages long? I'll show PowerPoint slides during my presentation and rap sing one book. Don't worry, I can hold this age group's attention for a full 45 minutes! I use magic and humor to hold student interest and draw them into the presentation.

Grades 2 & 3 Presentations – 50 minutes

Audience size: Usually both grade levels combined.

This presentation is basically the same as the K & 1 presentation except I dive a bit deeper into the writing process. For instance, I often show a rejection letter and share how I didn't give up - but kept trying hard in order to accomplish my goal of publishing a book.

Grades 4 & 5 Presentations – 60 minutes

Audience size: Usually both grade levels combined.

This presentation is similar to the Grades 2 & 3 assembly. However, I base the talk around my novel Crossing the Deadline - Stephen's Journey Through the Civil War.  Additionally, I talk about the importance of goal setting. I show PowerPoint slides and discuss the most interesting facts I uncovered doing research for my Civil War novel. Did you know America's worst ship disaster happened in Tennessee? Well over 1,500 soldiers died on their way home after the civil war.

Students participate in a Q&A session.


45 minutes:  Pre K, Kindergarten, & First Grades together

20 minute break

50 minutes: Second & Third Grades together


25 minutes: "Lunch with the Author" for K-2 (optional activity)

                (with selected students)

25 minutes: "Lunch with the Author" for 3-5 (optional activity)

                (with selected students)

60 minutes: Fourth & Fifth Grades together

BOOK SIGNING in the library after the last presentation.


Are you interested in a middle school presentation? NO PROBLEM ! !

We can schedule an hour-long presentation for each grade level plus an optional "Lunch with the Author" for selected students.

During my talks to middles schoolers, I support my writing process talk with slides using Crossing the Deadline (Civil War novel) as the model.



Information available upon request.

Michael, Michael, Michael!
YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! Words can not even begin to express how WONDERFUL your visit was from start to finish!!

Your energy is contagious, your teaching techniques over the top, you were the hit of COLTS DAY  and how you engage students 100% of the time should be bottled and implanted into every teacher in the WORLD!!!

Pincipal - Potsdam, NY

What a fun and enriching day it was for our entire school! Engaging, educational, and entertaining for everyone from our preschoolers, up to the 5th graders and even the faculty! Thank you for spending the day with us!

                                                                 Kristin DeLuca - European PTA

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