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Pajama Day / Crazy Hat Day

I see the weirdest looking students at schools from time to time when I visit. Some wear hats or are in their pajamas. Some are wearing school colors. A sea of green or red filling the library looks awesome during one of my talks. Special days are a great way for schools to build a sense of community while allowing the children and teachers time to "let their hair down." Kids are always excited on these special days.

Recently, while visiting a school in Ohio, the media specialist welcomed me outside the school door in her house coat. She apologized and explained it was P.J. Day. I felt totally overdressed in my suit jacket and tie. I explained it was a common site for me while on the road. At the end of the school day I got the nerve to ask, "If I had shown up in my pajamas, would it have been totally weird? OR, would I have gotten extra points for trying to be a part of the family?"

The answer from the five or so teachers standing around visiting was a resounding "EXTRA POINTS!"

If your author visit coincides with a special dress up day - I recommend you let the author/illustrator know ahead of time. I would appreciate knowing that bit of information and (perhaps) consider participating. I have shown up dressed with a tie for 98% of my school visits. I try to present my profession in a professional manner. Maybe p.j.s and bathrobe would be cool from time to time?

Here is a list of days your students may love:

Twin Day - two students dress exactly alike

School Spirit Day - dress in school colors

Pajama Day

Jersey Day - to support your favorite sports team

Future Day - What do you want to be when you grow up

Miss Alaineus - vocabulary word dress up - based on the book by Debra Frasier

U.S.A. Day - wear red, white, or blue

Hat Day

Crazy Socks Day

Bring your Teddy Bear to School Day

Book Character Day

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